Presentation Specifications

Both oral and poster presentations will be judged by members of Wayne State faculty. Prizes for the top presentations of that session will be awarded based on scientific content, visual design and layout, clarity, ability to address questions, and scientific significance. Awards will be presented immediately after the keynote presentation.


Oral Presentations

Oral presenters must arrive at the Margherio Conference Center 15 minutes prior to the start of their session and check-in with the moderator(s). Students will have 10 minutes for their presentation plus an additional 2 minutes for questions.  Each session will be moderated, and time limits will be strictly adhered to.  If you are preparing your talk on a Mac computer, please make sure it is compatible with a Windows computer. You will not be able to run your presentation off your own laptop.  To be considered for the awards, you must bring your PowerPoint or PowerPoint compatible presentation on a USB drive and submit it at the time of registration.  


Poster Presentations

Posters should ideally be 4 ft (width) x 3 ft (height) to be properly displayed.  Tri-fold poster boards and thumbtacks will be provided for mounting and displaying your poster.  Posters must be set-up from 8:00-9:00 am in the Scott Hall cafeteria to be considered for awards and they will be judged during your assigned session.  Finally, please take your poster down after the last poster session ends.