Abstract Submission

Chuan-Pu Lee, Ph.D. Endowed Graduate Student Research Presentation Day Abstract Submission Deadlines:

Abstract Submission Opens: June 1
Deadline for Oral Abstracts: August 31
Deadline for Poster Abstracts: September 14

A limited number of abstracts will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. Abstract submission will close upon reaching 115 submissions, from which 15 oral presentations and 100 poster presentations will be selected. Participants who submit an abstract for consideration as an oral presentation will be notified by September 29th if their abstract was chosen for an oral presentation.

Submission is open to Wayne State University graduate and medical students. This includes:

  • Students currently pursuing a PhD
  • Students currently pursuing a Master's
  • Students currently pursuing a MD/PhD

Anyone currently holding an advanced degree, including postdoctoral researchers and medical residents, are ineligible to submit.

Abstract Guidelines

The body of the abstract is subject to a 250 word limit. Abstracts exceeding this limit will not be considered. This restriction is only applied to the body, not to the title or other components.

If a presenter is interested in presenting orally, please mark the check-box for "Review my abstract for an oral presentation". Abstracts not selected for oral presentation will be invited to present a poster.

Only the first-author is permitted to present an abstract. Each student may submit only one abstract for consideration; additional abstracts from the same first-author will be neither considered for oral presentation nor invited to the poster session.

We suggest that the abstract be prepared in a word processing program first before copying and pasting into the appropriate fields of the submission form.

Poster and Oral Presentation Specifications